National Indie Excellence Award 2012 Finalist for Regional Non-Fiction

CIPA 2012 EVVY Bronze Award Winner for Non-Fiction

CIPA 2012 EVVY Merit Award Winner for Book Cover Design

Readers who love the West will find Mary Kurtz’s first collection of essays an insightful journey into the history, natural world, and community of a special mountain valley near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Walk through the Elk River Valley with Mary as she shares her thoughtful perspectives on the people, history, rich landscape, and ranching traditions of the place she’s called home for over thirty years.

Join her as she introduces you to modern-day pioneers whose stories inspire and entertain. Meet a long-time rancher who hunts mountain lion where “no man...ever walked”; a larger than life grandmother (usually seen wearing a bonnet and baseball hat) who never quite matched anyone’s image of a rancher; and visionary land preservationists who protected the valley they love for generations to come. Read more

About Mary Kurtz

Mary Kurtz and her husband, Peter, raise cattle, hay, and quarter horses in northwestern Colorado on their ranch outside Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She finds inspiration for her writing in their daily ranch living and in the beautiful landscape of the Elk River Valley. Mary has contributed to Farm and Ranch Living, the Trail and Rider Magazine, Country Woman and Cats and Kittens. Read more

Excerpt from the Book

When the tulips under the kitchen window billow, it’s branding time on the ranch. Each year in early May we gather the cows and calves from their peaceful life on the spring meadows and move them into the corrals behind the barn. Read more

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